Websites with many R resources

All R books written with Bookdown

All R cheatsheets

APS list of R resources

Show Us Your R

Econometrics Simulations

People with helpful individual websites

Jenny Bryan

(teach => purrr tutorial is excellent)

Kristoffer Magnusson

Sacha Epskamp

FOM academic

Suzan Baert

Hadley Wickham

David Robinson

B Rodriguez

Nathaniel D. Phillips

Simon Ejdemyr

The R Graph Gallery

Malcolm Barrett

John Flournoy

UC R Guide

Crump Lab


Applied Statistical Computing Course

BioStates by Jarrett Byrnes

Introduction to Bayes in DataCamp (free course)

Data Analysis and Statistical Inference on Data Camp

Probability and Statistics with Simulations

Penn State Quant Developmental Systems


R club

Various Linear Model Tests in R


Using R to extract data from web APIs

Handling date-times in R

Lesser Known Dplyr tricks


Power Simulations

Functions with columns as parameters 1

Functions with columns as parameters 2

Kable Extra


Growth models with lme and lmer

Cross-lagged Panel Models

Simulate Experiments


Purrr tutorial

Psych Networks Winter School Resources

Top 50 ggplot2 Visualizations


Dags using LaTex




All DAGS from Hernan and Robins - Sam Finlayson

Structural Equations Modeling

lavaan homepage

Measurement Equivalence

sims package

Draw SEMs

Progressing Through Stats with R

Basics of R and R Markdown

Basics of Git and Github with R

R for Data Science

Statistical Inference



Time series and forecasting

Data Visualization

Commands and help for non-R programming

Compress compiled pdf in terminal

Mac denying pushing/pulling due to git keychain

Saving username and password through keychain with Git

Using word with Git

Line numbering in LaTex

Exporting .tex to word with pandoc

Word Count on PDF From Terminal

So helpful they deserve their own category

Math notation with Rmarkdown

BibTex Examples

Latex equations basics

Compile Rmarkdown and tex files from terminal

Include LaTeX packages in YAML header

Pimp Your Rmarkdown

Newline breaks in Rmarkdown tables